Google Releases Adwords CPA Bidding Tool, Conversion Optimizer

Sep 25, 2007 • 9:35 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

The Inside AdWords blog announced a new CPA bidding product yesterday called Conversion Optimizer. The tool is intended to "help you meet your ROI objectives by automatically managing your bids according to a maximum CPA goal. By automating the bidding process, this feature helps you minimize your conversion costs while saving you time."

Forum reaction is mixed. Since Conversion Optimizer is requires a minimum of 300 conversions in 30 days, many advertisers cannot try it out.

One who, did, however, is dissatisfied with the tool. Apparently, it's not easy for him to restore his bids as they were before:

I have changed my keyword bids using conversion optimizer tool but iam not satisfied with that tool ,so i would like to know how to insert previous bids for the keywords as they were before.

Yet are just looking forward to seeing how this feature will work on the content network versus the search network.

I agree that PPA sounds much easier on the content network, I'd be interested to see how this could improve the performance on the Google/search network though.

It will take some time before that is known.

If you're interested in giving it a try, Barry has more information at Search Engine Land.

Forum discussion continues at Search Engine Roundtable Forums, WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint Forums, and Search Engine Watch Forums.

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09/26/2007 09:39 pm

Granted, 300 conversions in a month is a lot to ask for, but this tool works great. Without getting into specifics, I've seen doubled conversions in the 2 months i've been testing this on campaign that only runs on search (no content at all). I manage my campaigns very closely and am constantly running tests, but there is just some data that you're not going to know (such as conversion times, specific locations, ad position or other demographic info). The new tool uses all the historical data it has to offer the best conversion opportunity. I will say that you don't feel like you have as much control with this option, and that was hard to get used to at first (you can't change bidding at the keyword level). But I let it run and it's worked great, so I am willing to give up some of the control since I've seen it work. I'm not suggesting this is the solution for every one and switching back would be a bit difficult if you didn't save your individual keyword bids (hint, hint), but it's really looking great so far.


11/24/2008 11:21 pm

Adword's conversion optimizer may be a nice and useful tool but it may not be for everybody. I wrote about the pros and cons sometimes back, <a href="">Is Adwords Conversion Optimizer good for you?</a>

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