Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool has Returned

Sep 24, 2007 • 9:49 am | comments (11) by twitter | Filed Under Keyword Research

Fear not, my friends. It appears that our report last Monday about Yahoo! Overture being dead was a bit premature. According to WebmasterWorld members, the Yahoo! Overture Keyword Tool is back. The optimistic hopefuls have revived the useful tool from the dead.

Here's a search I performed just a few minutes ago.

Yahoo Overture Returns 9/24

Contrast that with the screenshot I created last week:

Goodbye, Overture

It definitely looks like it's working, and it's using data from January 2007. Other forum members report that it's showing May data. I suppose it may vary per search term but I'm unable to get May data.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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09/24/2007 03:27 pm

The data is a bit old, thou. As i remember from a while back they gave out last months data...


09/24/2007 04:04 pm

Data for the US: January (just before Panama) Data for Europe: May (just before Panama)


09/24/2007 08:21 pm

I was actually able to run quite a few searches without it erroring out on me as well. Even though the data is old it still beats the paid sites in my opinion. Here's my take http://www.justindavy.com/overture-keyword-selector-tool-is-back/


09/25/2007 02:00 pm

What a news ! Unfortunately, data is really old and now, I prefer to use Yahoo Panama to have keywords suggest... I don't understand Yahoo. Overture is a good point for popularity company and now, they decided to "delete it". If someone do a keyword suggest and obtain results from August 2007, call me :)


09/26/2007 02:49 pm

I am surprised and wondered why "yahoo" wouldn't update their data????

No Name

09/27/2007 04:27 pm

Overture's keyword suggestion tool would be better served if it was more relevant. 10 month old information will not do an internet marketing specialist much good.

No Name

09/27/2007 07:06 pm

has been working all the time, but the data is from Jan 07 :( I spoke with yahoo reps and they said it won't be back.


10/12/2007 06:37 pm

I have to say that the one good thing about having this tool down was that it helped many of us develop new research techniques. Hopefully a new version is in the works or at least newer data.


01/15/2008 08:39 pm

Overture Dead again? its jan 08 and while it was working in oct it sure isn't now. please email me if anyone knows about any other tool some where

No Name

09/17/2008 07:53 am

When i try to open the overture keyword suggestion tool it redirects to this page: http://sem.smallbusiness.yahoo.com/searchenginemarketing/ .. some yahoo stuff.. argh it's so annoying.. where is the original overture keyword tool??


04/25/2012 12:14 pm

LOL I remember the days where the  overture keyword suggestion tool worked. It gave some very polluted results.  You might want to try a modern keyword tool like KeywordDonkey...

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