Google AdWords "Chat with a Specialist" is Fast

Sep 11, 2007 • 10:15 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

If you need a question answered from Google AdWords in a quick fashion, you can take advantage of the "Chat with a Specialist" feature. It's super fast.

Google AdWords: Chat with a Specialist < Elric99 of WebmasterWorld tried it and got a rapid response. Then I did the same with the same results.

Chat with Michael A, Google AdWords Specialist

Nice. This is definitely an avenue to pursue if you're in need of immediate assistance.

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09/12/2007 05:53 am

To be valid, I think you need to have an actual problem you are trying to solve. And it needs to be a new Adwords account, with a new domain name. My experience with Google is that they are always fast to "respond", but they don't address the questions you ask with any useful information. And their quality guidelines are implemented very sporadically throughout the Adwords system. Some sites get penalized, others don't. For reasons that escape most people who have had problems with it. I'm stil very skeptical that this new service will actually do anything more than give Google the PR Headline "We now have LIVE help". Focusing on the fact that they are "accessible" without focusing on the fact that they rarely have anything useful to say.


09/29/2008 09:27 am

hi strange but sometimes that chat window is disable dont know why regards prasad


05/25/2009 03:26 pm

i have a questions about google local maps

jc riley

08/06/2009 04:42 pm

i've just passed the adwords professional exam and don't know how to find my pro center page. I've been managing a couple of clients under a regular adwords account and would like to just convert it over, but either way, would like to put the credentials on my site and such. any help? not sure what info you need to confirm me and help me out.

Diane Roberts

06/03/2010 02:17 am

How or where can I find my link.


12/10/2010 02:44 am

This is really dumb. Why don't you just give us a link so we can do it ourselves and be on our way?!

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