Google Webmaster Central Improves robots.txt Tool

Aug 17, 2007 • 9:26 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

As Barry reported on Search Engine Land and as the official Google Webmaster Central blog announced yesterday, Google is working to add the functionality to make webmastering a lot easier. With this update, Google announces that it has enhanced their robots.txt reporting tool to consolidate some very useful features, which include recognizing sitemap declarations and relative URLs and reports robots.txt problems in more detail than before.

Here's what it looked like before, according to the Google Webmaster Central blog:

Google Webmaster Central: Before robots.txt Enhanced Tool

Now, look at the amount of detail. Pretty impressive.

Google Webmaster Central: robots.txt Enahnced

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08/20/2007 12:44 pm

Great more info - but to me it's more jiburish..... maybe I'm more of a who, what, where kind of guy. If there is a problem point it out directly to me? after all google has more info on my site than I do....

Jay Caldwell

08/20/2007 03:35 pm

I agree with Omadsense, Google know's there's a problem, why not tell us specifically what it is. It would help out greatly for those of us who don't have all the website knowledge in the world or the patients to figure it out.

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