Should You Trust KeywordSpy?

Aug 1, 2007 • 9:00 am | comments (14) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

A WebmasterWorld user wonders if KeywordSpy is a threat to advertisers. Basically, the premise of the site is simple: you enter a keyword or domain and see your competitors' keywords. The advertiser tried it against his domain and saw that it was pretty accurate. Naturally, that has caused a bit of worry for him.

But many other users tried it for other campaigns and it doesn't seem to be accurate. For example, an advertiser who sells lights was told by KeywordSpy that he was bidding on solar aquariums.

Another member puts it quite simply:

We're not bidding on about half of the keywords it brought up for our domain.

I tried it for a campaign I am working on and I agree that it's bringing up irrelevant keywords.

What are your thoughts of the service?

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08/01/2007 02:54 pm

Another competitor with the same type of service is called KeyCompete - I've tested their service and found it to be missing many of the results for my own domain, and the list seems equally short for our competitors. Additionally, keycompete's pricing structure by subdomain is a bit outrageous. Overall these types of tools tend to be fairly inaccurate.


08/01/2007 04:47 pm

I checked one of the domains I run AdWords for, and half of the phrases it pulled up had keywords that I'm using as negative. Most of the key phrases are not the ones I'm bidding on. Can't see it being very helpful.


08/02/2007 02:50 pm

Yep, very inaccurate. I was excited when I first heard about this tool, but after looking at the results it gave for my domain, the excitement quickly faded. Not helpful at all.


08/03/2007 03:56 am

Inaccurate? You might only using the trial version, that is why you didn't see the full potential the tool can do to your website. First, I am kinda hesitant because its just started lately this year... But it is really useful, when I tried the tool it managed to double my daily PPC traffic and sales. I just can't understand why some people said it is just a waste... when I am earning because of it.


08/03/2007 06:37 am

I found the Keyword Spy service useful, so far the keyword results are pretty credible. It’s similar to the now defunct Google Sandbox but way way better I guess, because keyword effectiveness is gauge based on PPC, search engine ranking and number of competitors bidding.


03/30/2008 10:54 am

I used this tool just to understand my competition. I don't have one AdWords campaign, but I don't spend 90 bucks per month for this tool.

No Name

06/28/2008 02:05 pm

Actually It's more expensive than It's use should lower fees to consider


07/23/2008 04:57 am

I have been a KeywordSpy user for about 6 months now and I'm telling you the 89.95 you pay for their service is worth it. The data is very accurate. They actually launched a new prouct a few days ago - KeywordSpy Tracking. I'll definitely take a look. I might just end up upgrading.


10/14/2008 09:01 am

Initially, I was hesitant about KeywordSpy. They are indeed new in the industry, but they are a smashing hit! Everyone is talking about them, negatively, but when I started using them they turned out to be all right. Their features and keyword databases showing all those informative stats are so easy to use! I recommend you guys check them out entirely. They really are worth it.


10/23/2008 11:59 pm

I'm on free trials for both ispionage and keywordspy. They both are good, however the data from Ispionage seems to be more accurate each time I check.

Danielle Flynn

10/29/2009 12:39 pm

The newest and argueably best keyword tool is Keyword Competitor. It is the World's 1st REAL TIME Keyword Research Tool. It gives you the organic and paid keywords from the moment you search. Other sites like Keyword Spy, KeyCompete , Ispionage, etc. are all using databases- which is old, stored data. Keywords change so frequently-it is import to have real time data. And you can get free trials.


10/30/2009 07:25 am

I would also try KeywordTrac. They are much cheaper than the other keyword services.


02/19/2010 10:26 am

i think semrush is much better. it really helps on this topic. Just enter the url and it will provide you with a report which includes organic and adwords keywords that you can find the site, positions, CPC by and more. And its all summurized in easy to understand charts.


11/17/2011 04:02 am

My take on this is that KeywordSpy would tend to show other keywords that websites appear for. It may not be a keyword they have used per se, but still appear for that keyword. And yes, these include even mispellings of keywords. In that regard, it would still be an effective tool - competitors could still get ideas on alternative keywords they could use for their site.

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