Yet a New Way to Find Supplemental Results in Google

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The other day, I reported that Google Drops Supplemental Results Query Command. I suspected that Google will drop the supplemental results command and possibly the supplemental results label forever. I still feel this will happen but a new way to find supplemental results have been discovered.

A search for site: will return supplemental results for this site.

So the syntax is currently

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Barry Welford

07/30/2007 02:13 pm

Brilliant - I mean that comment on Google dropping the Supplemental Result label. I think they're giving us more than we need to know. It's causing needless anxiety. Now if only they drop that Toolbar PageRank thermometer as well, then we'll all be able to relax.

Michael Martinez

07/30/2007 04:03 pm

People should not use this query as it returns very unreliable results.


07/30/2007 06:19 pm

Could it be that the keys to Google's algoritm can be found in supplemental results? The original stated purpose is to provide listings for queries that have few results. Is google afraid of letting the cat out of the bag?


07/31/2007 12:49 pm

Here are some more queries and ways to find the supplemental result for a website.

Tadeusz Szewczyk

08/01/2007 11:21 pm

Where is my comment? Was it deleted?

Barry Schwartz

08/01/2007 11:24 pm

I dont see it. Maybe it got caught by a spam filter?

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