Did Harry Potter Affect Your Google AdSense Earnings?

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harry-potter-deathly-hallow.jpgAn thread on WebmasterWorld asks an interesting question: did the availability of the Harry Potter book affect your Google AdSense earnings? It seems that a webmaster has noticed an 80% drop in traffic ever since the book release on Friday night, and I kind of understand why: I spent Saturday night and almost all of Sunday reading the book. I even got a few emails from friends asking me if I was all right. :) (Yes, I was. I was just reading Book 7!)

I wasn't the only one, it seems. AdSenseAdvisor knows a few people who have done the same thing:

What an interesting thought! I hadn't considered this, even though I know a number of people who spent all of their free time during the past few days feverishly reading the new book instead of going online.

I suppose it depends on demographics.

Gives you an interesting insight into the age group? of your visitors and / or their mental profile...

That's because not all advertisers ran into this issue:

Luckily my target audience has pretty much nothing to do with HP so I'm "safe" from that maaagic.

One of the "Adsense challenges": you never know which event will affect your traffic/earnings.

But it's possible that historical metrics have accounted for the drop of traffic on that particular site:

Much more logical answers would be huge flooding problems in northern Europe, India and China (USA?) meanwhile horrendous heatwaves in southern Europe and the USA plus school holidays in many regions have just started meaning parents/families away too.

I have nothing to do with HP nor financial planning etc and my traffic always drops at this time of year and as soon as August arrives my European traffic will fall off the edge as businesses close down for their summer breaks.

I don't know... for me, I definitely had my nose stuck in the book. :)

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Adrian Lee

07/23/2007 02:14 pm

I'd be a bit nervous of proclaiming the release of the Harry Potter book as the reason for it. Especially if you get a lot of traffic form the UK. With all the flooding we've had recently, but especially since Friday, that could affect it as well. There were people stuck on Motorways or at trai stations all night Friday night. Some areas of the country are without water and electric at the moment because of the flooding as well. Not going to affect much if relatively small amounts of traffic are form the UK, but it highlights that there are other reasons that may contribute towards it.


07/23/2007 06:28 pm

I definitely believe this was the factor in a huge drop for one of my sites this weekend. I know for a fact the overwhelming majority of top commenters were reading the book non-stop. Most of my traffic is from the US.


07/23/2007 09:05 pm

Chances are, if you weren't reading it...You were out picking up a copy! Check out these funny interviews of Harry Potter fans waiting to get their hands on DEATHLY HALLOWS: http://www.maximonline.com/video/index.aspx?filekey=3054&src=tst25

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