Submit a Reconsideration Request to Google if You Buy a Banned Domain

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A WebmasterWorld member is reporting that she has purchased a domain from a third-party domain provider and has built a website upon the domain that seems to be pretty Kosher. Her site, however, is not being indexed.

What she does know is that the Internet Wayback Machine indicates that the domain was spammy prior to her ownership of the domain. She, therefore, needs to submit a reinclusion request.

How do you do a reinclusion request? Go to Google Webmaster Central and click on Webmaster Tools. You will then see a list of sites you maintain and there is an option to "Submit a reconsideration request." This will only work if your site is verified.

Google Webmaster Central: Reinclusion Option

On the next screen, you are instructed to only utilize the reconsideration request if your site had previously violated the guidelines (but was subsequently cleaned up) or if you recently acquired a domain which may have previously violated these guidelines. This appears to be the case for the WebmasterWorld member.

Google Reinclusion Procedure Fine Print

You can then select your verified site from the drop down and fill out information regarding why Google should reconsider it and you should be seeing a change within the next few weeks.

Google Reinclusion Submission Form

Google specifically has an option for submitting "reconsideration requests" for sites that you "recently acquired which you suspect may have previously violated" Google's webmaster guidelines.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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06/27/2007 03:00 pm

Interesting - I had never thought of this. Since banned domains generally have much lower value on the domainer market, it may be a decent monetization strategy to pick up used & abused domains cheaply, clean them up, submit a re-inclusion request, and flip them at a profit once they are back in the index....


06/27/2007 03:28 pm

Are banned domains really still less expensive? It wouldn't make much sense, you can get just about anything reincluded with Google (not sure how you would do the same with the other engines). We had a similar case over at cre8asite a while back: - it takes a bit of digging to even find out that the domain might have been banned. It would be great to have a red flag next to domains in your Google Webmaster Tools account if they're banned (the "evil spammer" would already know, the new owner would be glad to know). ... now where's that banned domain name auction site ... :-)

James Matthews

06/27/2007 04:13 pm

How long does it take for them to get your site back into the index! I would say a month pending on your links!


06/27/2007 06:31 pm

I just did this for a client recently and it took a little longer than a week to get her showing #1 in Google for her name. (the domain was her


07/02/2007 10:57 am

I have some domains which have been banned by google, i suspect due to some violations. I would like to sell them. Can anyone buy them out cheaply from me?? for ex. I have my email add is manpreetrawel at gmail dot com

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