Why The SMX Muffler

Jun 6, 2007 • 8:27 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Search Marketing Expo 2007 Seattle

While SMX appears to have to impressed most attendees and been a success for Danny and Chris as they re-invent the conference wheel, the impressions from the outside world are starting to filter in.

Two threads from Cre8asiteforums illustrate the curiosity from the SEO industry.

Why Were They Forbidden to Blog? (Registered Members only) asks about the one month embargo put on writing about one particular session. With no reasons to point to that were made public, some people are wondering why.

[Added by Barry]: Danny said the reason is because he didn't want any blogging on this at all. But he finally agreed to a one month embargo. It gives the attendees something a bit extra for coming to the conference, I guess. Danny actually wrote before the conference started that no blogging would be allowed at this session (I just can't find where he wrote that now).

What It Means to be a Conference Speaker hopes to explore the speaker world. With more conferences available, where to do you draw the line? Whom do you pitch to? Who wants you? Is anyone paid to speak?

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Kim Krause Berg

06/06/2007 01:25 pm

To be honest, I'm surprised they permitted session blogging at this one. From their perspective, they have some business decisions to make and I understand why coverage might be limited or not allowed at all. Still happy to see coverage, though it's not like actually being there :) In time, I'm sure they'll find the right balance.

Barry Schwartz

06/06/2007 01:27 pm

They just didnt want us to blog this one session, only one.

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