Microsoft and Yahoo in Discussions for Merger

May 4, 2007 • 10:35 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Bing Search

The big news this morning is that Microsoft is looking to acquire Yahoo for $50 billion. Over at Search Engine Land, Danny also covers the possible merger.

Ironically, DigitalPoint members are hoping that this ends the the Google search monopoly:

Thats a good news.. Thats another way to remove Google's monopoly..

But on WebmasterWorld, they think that Google will only get ahead:

great news for google

What about rankings? Whose search engine will take over?

I think the deal would be bad, some of us rank good in one search engine, and poorly in the other

That's a really good point.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint.

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Michael Martinez

05/04/2007 04:00 pm

Neither search engine has a robust enough technology to take on Google. It makes no technical sense to combine their services as people will just feel there are fewer alternatives to Google. Yahoo! may have "saved" Altavista when they bought it, but as soon as they turned off the Raging Bull version Altavista died and people abandoned it.

Gerry Grant

05/04/2007 04:52 pm

I think this would be great. I own stock in Microsoft and Yahoo! and did not purchase Google. I believe that Yahoo is a better company than Google and has a much wider range of services. Statistics show that users spend much more time on a Yahoo! site than on Google. Microsoft’s entrance into the search arena has been disappointing. The purchase of Yahoo! will remedy this. Bring on Yahoosoft!

Scott Clark

05/04/2007 05:30 pm

Could this be Ask's big chance? While Y! and MS are distracted, could Ask finally get to flex is technical muscle?

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