How Do You Obtain Links from .edu Sites?

May 2, 2007 • 8:59 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Informational Sites SEO

In a Cre8asite Forums post, a user asks an important question for a link building campaign: how do you get links from .edu sites? As you know, .edu sites have a higher inherent trust and as such can help boost your rankings if you can get that coveted link.

A lot of good ideas were thrown out by members and moderators, including:

  • "One of the easiest ways is to create content that fills an informational void that an edu site might be interested in linking to." (Bill Slawski, administrator)
  • "Another way is to search for student blogs and see if you can connect with one." (yannis, member)
  • "If you see a competititor with .edu links go to those .edu pages and see what they are linking to." (EGOL, administrator)

These are good tips, and we've already written a bit about getting .edu links in the past but I'm sure you have more tips. If so, please contribute to the Cre8asite Forums post.

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Chris Beasley

05/02/2007 02:01 pm

Many .edu sites or pages have high PageRank and a good amount of link weight to pass along because they are good sites/pages with lots of incoming links. There is no special .edu bonus just for having a .edu TLD. Matt Cutts said as much last fall in one of his video blogs. Plus, it doesn't make sense. Why would Google ever give out generic bonuses when they can individually assess the quality of each and every page based on merit alone? That post you linked to, from over a year ago, predates Matt Cutt's refusal, and it appears even then you had people saying its unlikely to be true (Jill Whalen, etal). The bottom line is .edu sites tend to have good weight to pass long, but at the end of the day a link from a .com site and a link from a .edu site will give the same benefits if the two sites have equal weight. Plus, even if Google had at one time done this, and I doubt it, they would have certainly seen the error of their ways considering how much spam is popping up on .edu domains now thanks to this myth.


05/03/2007 04:42 am

One method to locate college blogs on .edu domains would be to use the "site:*.edu" command after your keyword, this will limit your search to .edu domains (at least on Google). For example, I searched for "college blogs aite:*.edu" and found links to several college blogs, and some had pretty strong Page Rank.

Lily Grozeva

05/04/2007 12:22 pm

Even if the old trick with an .edu from student blogs used to work I am sure in a months time Google will work this out.


05/05/2007 11:44 am

Hi.... Is these process applicable for Authority site(.org sites). If not , plz sugest

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12/16/2009 05:58 am

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