HeatMaps Help to Increase AdSense Earnings

Apr 17, 2007 • 11:16 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdSense

A DigitalPoint Forums posting reveals how a member who used heatmaps increased his AdSense earnings after he discovered where people would click most frequently on his site.

A number of tools that provide HeatMaps are discussed, including:

Additionally, a link is provided to the AdSense Help Center page that answers the most ideal ad placement locations are.

Discussion continues at DigitalPoint.

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04/17/2007 05:56 pm

I think every technique should be within the guidelines. Indeed its a good tip to increase the earnings.

Oscar R

04/17/2007 07:00 pm

Am I the first who notices that the free option, ClickHeat, adds a link to their website in the noscript section? :) Sure you can simply remove it, but... well, you the BUT. :D

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