Sneaking Around Buying Links

Apr 4, 2007 • 11:11 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine Marketing Non-Profit Organizations

Does Google really know who buys links? A discussion has evolved around an occurance where someone found evidence of a site that wasn't in the top 50 but after "spending around £10,000 per month (a rough guess) and amassing 200,000 back-links in a couple of weeks" shot up to the number one spot.

And Google hasn't pointed any darts at it yet.

So, some folks are wondering. Are buying links really naughty? Can you stand up and do it in the wide open, flaunt your booty and buy the number one spot?

A New Age Of Seo - Link Buying Taken To The Extreme, Who says you can't buy the Google #1 spot? discussion at Cre8asiteforums rallies the curious.

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Michael Martinez

04/04/2007 03:34 pm

The first rule of backlink analysis is: DON'T BRING YAHOO! TO A GOOGLE ANALYSIS. Looks like just another wacked out conspiracy theory.

Jeremy Luebke

04/04/2007 04:47 pm

They do realize that is for the UK search engine. The European filters have never been as high as the US ones. Although I hear that might be changing here soon. I don't even know why this is an issue. People buy links. Paid links make sites rank higher. It's no secret. It's just the way it is.


04/04/2007 05:30 pm

The links to Asda are probably Coop or Link Vault to get that many in a short time. got 3 million links all with the anchor text "mobile phones" from the Coop with perfect results and didn't set off a spam filter.


04/04/2007 05:49 pm

climbing to #1 in Google was never difficult staying there was (and is and will be). In last 4 years I have seen many websites becoming #1, #2, #3 out of nowhere for few days but not staying there for long. Recently one uk site was #1, it had some 2,30,000 links (all links looked spammy and sponsored type), it stayed for a week or so, now I cant find it anywhere.

Matt Cutts

04/05/2007 06:20 am

Certainly it would *not* be in the list of techniques that I would recommend.

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