Google Wins in Kinderstart Lawsuit

Mar 21, 2007 • 8:35 am | comments (7) by twitter | Filed Under Google News & Finances

Remember the KinderStart lawsuit, where Google was sued because the KinderStart site lost its rankings in the Google SERPs? Yesterday, a judge ruled in Google's favor.

"KinderStart had failed to explain how Google caused injury to it by a provably false statement ... as distinguished from an unfavorable opinion about's importance," the judge's ruling states.

Is Google relieved? It seems so.

"We always felt these claims were unjustified, because courts have consistently rejected complaints over search engine rankings, so we're pleased that [the judge] promptly dismissed this case," Google litigation counsel Hilary Ware said in a company statement.

Matt Cutts has also updated his blog about the ruling.

With Google indexing tens of millions of sites, it would be incredibly ridiculous for a company to call suit against the search engine under the assumption that the site is being purposely ranked low and it was Google's malicious intent to to do because KinderStart is a competitor. This sets an interesting premise for any other company who wishes to do the same.

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No Name

03/21/2007 08:54 pm

Thanks for the information. The result of this case could be precedent setting. It will be interesting to see if an appeal is filed.


03/22/2007 03:29 pm

I Dugg. Great post!


03/22/2007 07:47 pm

I mean if Kinderstart had won, it would have set precedence for all sorts of companies and individuals to sue the company based on their results.

Hip Hop

03/22/2007 08:26 pm

YaY for Google

No Name

03/22/2007 09:32 pm

It seems like their might only be a few companies that could legitimately try this lawsuit if their rankings were low.....Yahoo, Microsoft Live, AOL....but all of these companies come up first when you search for them. I wonder how much kinderstart spent on lawyer fees!


03/23/2007 01:00 am

funny, they still have google ads on their website.


02/13/2008 07:12 am

google is nothing but a tool for the left and a method to get alwhore more money to continue his and googles war on anyone that doesn't buy their vulgar politics. the day the stock tanks I will be sooooo will tank. If the google punks didn't vote or donate correctly as does steve jobs the news punks would treat them just like GM or any oil co.

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