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Jan 10, 2007 • 10:05 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine Industry News

The Great Question for 2007 for companies that seek reputable search engine marketing people seems to be whom to trust? Several leading bloggers have presented lists of their top choices of companies or individuals in whom they place their faith. Yesterday, three other well-known blogs from the SEO industry charged forward with lists of people they trust to do business with, or simply find to be a leader in general. One of them looked deeper at the criteria for choosing.

Add to this the recent flurry of doomsday predictions for SEO/M, mixed in with promising news for growth and opportunities. One wonders at this industry and its pondering navel mood. I think its healthy to look, because the discussions generate growth and maturity as a whole in the long run. To that end, if you have thoughts on leadership, role models, credibility, trust, and feel strongly about whom you look up to, there is a discussion called How Do You Decide Whom To Trust To Lead? at Cre8asiteforums waiting for you.

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01/11/2007 09:24 am

Those lists are probably worth ignoring as they are mostly just 'blogger rates blogger' lists, and have no direct relation to actual frontline SEO experience. From experience in the UK most of the seriously hot professionals are all locked down under NDA's and part of internal teams for companies you may never have heard of. It's that difference between those that spend all day talking about SEO and those that spend all day doing it.

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