Google Data Refresh - Rankings Fluctuations Before Christmas

Dec 21, 2006 • 4:57 pm | comments (16) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

Google tweaking rankings once again before the holidays? Some people are crying foul at the disruptions going on this holiday season. How could they!? Members on Webmasterworld are talking about some recent changes over yesterday and today that have occured recently to change search rankings. Some are wondering if it has to do with a penalty or just some general reshuffling going on? I had a new client call me a few minutes ago that overnight lost its rankings for a relatively uncompetitive term and wanted to know why all the sites changed in the top 10. Call it an early christmas present from Google maybe?

A senior member on WMW said "Looks like some kind of data refresh to me. I'm seeing lots of movement in what's normally a quiet sector." Whether he is right or not, I am not sure, but I don't think it has to do with any penalties and is more the normal flux we usually see. People are just a bit hyped and sensitive right about now to what is happening with their traffic. Any disruptions seem to be cause for panic. I would recommend those webmasters effected to have a nice frothy egg nog and wait it out.

Continued discussion on Webmaster World - 20 Dec 2006 - Data Refresh or Penalty?

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12/21/2006 10:19 pm

But I bet someone would say "nothing is happening". It's just a bunch of people's imagination. /sarcasm

Luke McCallum

12/21/2006 10:41 pm

Hey i am not arguing! I have been hoisted to the top of the pack for the majority of my key phrases! I bow to my Google Overlords and thank them for this fantastic Christmas present!! Merry Christmas!


12/21/2006 10:43 pm

Something is on, we've seen some BIG & reputable sites lose major traffic in the last week overnight. This tied in with some really weird stuff with the site: results, they were coming back with paragraphs of repeated text from the page descriptions. I get the feeling there may have been some database corruption, possibly a crawler level or indexing error as they make an update to help with content deduplication. Hopefully they have got it sorted as pages seem to be reappearing with recent cache dates.


12/22/2006 10:29 am

I was getting some crazy serps this am with FF.. I hope I just hit an old DC..


12/22/2006 12:36 pm

The flux is normal. We are waiting for the "big shuffle"

Matt Cutts

12/22/2006 07:05 pm

After the last questions of a holiday update, I prepared for this by asking around. Google hasn't launched any major scoring/algorithms updates recently, so any changes you see are normal operation.


12/23/2006 03:38 am


Matt Cutts

12/23/2006 05:28 am

DazzlinDonna, there's been no new major launches recently. I figured that people would want to hear a statement from me, so I commented.

The Specialist

12/23/2006 05:57 am

In last week 50% indexing of my website was lost in Google and upto 25% traffic has been decreased. I guess Google dance is going on because I'm feeling some changes in my traffic & indexing daily and think it will takes some time to finish Google dance...


12/23/2006 09:25 am

Matt, Some thing is going on for sure.. Maybe not an update like you say, but there are more than several cases of which I have seen sites getting penalized on on the same time. More or less the same issues.

Ben Pfeiffer

12/23/2006 04:35 pm

Matt, Thanks for confirming for us. I am not sure people are convinced however, I have seen some changes myself.

Barry Schwartz

12/23/2006 10:43 pm

This is very strange...


12/24/2006 02:37 am

What is, Barry?

Barry Schwartz

12/24/2006 03:43 am

The whole back and forth.


12/24/2008 06:25 am

hi all, can any one tell huge fluctuation of Google Indexing? my one site down its ranking with all its keywords today. i can't understand what is going on.

No Name

01/02/2009 11:48 pm

Hey All, Yes once again me too with the just DRASTIC change in my website performance and over SEO rankings....and looking by the past comments I can see this must happen every year around the same time. I am waiting it out because i know what I have is already working so I am really trying not to change anything....but still looking for clues incase its something else....if ya know what I mean!

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