Google's EWOQ Search Referral String

Nov 28, 2006 • 7:02 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Some people are noticing Google referrals from search strings that look like:

This comes from Google's which only available to those part of the "EWOQ group." SearchBistro has a ton of details with demos of it in action named Google Secret Lab, Prelude.

There is some old forum discussion on it at Search Engine Watch Forums.

When I tried accessing one of the referral strings I was prompted with a 403 forbidden code saying:


The user [username] is not a member of EWOQ. Please contact the for access.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums and Google Blogoscoped Forums.

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Matt Cutts

11/28/2006 04:02 pm

That Search Bistro speculation is also old (2005), in case you thought it was new.

Barry Schwartz

11/28/2006 04:04 pm

Yea, I know it is old stuff. But the referral links are new, new threads on them.


11/29/2006 02:45 am

Barry - thanks for the info. I had found the old links before posting but was curious if there were any new developments. Matt - Any other details?

Brian Ussery

12/04/2006 02:57 pm has been open to any user for a few months.


03/10/2007 06:20 pm

I got this kind of link on my referral today so i really hope that's a good thing for me ^^

SEO Ranter

07/10/2007 01:45 pm

So did you contact them?

No Name

04/18/2008 01:32 am

I just got one referer from this hidden google lab. They have some interesting values in the url which is : task-edit?task=xxxxxxxxxx. It appears to me that they try to rerate their broken index entries if you score too high on a sertain keyword.

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