Google Displaying Really Long Snippets?

Nov 9, 2006 • 7:11 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

A WebmasterWorld thread asks why is Google showing him a really long description for some of the pages of his site. I reported back a while ago at Search Engine Watch a post by Philipp where he spotted this over at Сплог, here is a screen shot from over there.


Matt Cutts of Google did reply to Philipp over here saying that he was unable to reproduce the error, and neither can I.

But this is the first thread I saw about it over at WebmasterWorld .

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Craig Wilson

11/09/2006 01:00 pm

I've seen this myself a few times, as far as I could tell it only affected supplemental results. I'll try and reproduce the error and post up a link.


11/09/2006 01:24 pm

This is not the first time. About 2 months back i also saw the same thing for some 3 - 4 long keyphrase searches. Each listing was showing atleast 4 lines of description. Cant remember the keyphrases now.

Barry Schwartz

11/09/2006 01:36 pm

More pictures would rock guys.


11/09/2006 03:37 pm

Here another screenshot (october 25) :

Michael Martinez

11/09/2006 04:40 pm

Have you guys forgotten about Google's acquisition of the Orion algorithm? This is almost exactly what Orion should be producing. Looks like they may be experimenting with it in live results now.

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