WebmasterWorld PubCon 2006 Coverage Schedule

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Pubcon by WebmasterWorld PubCon Las Vegas 2006 - Roundtable Coverage Schedule
All times tentative and subject to revision.

Tuesday November 14

TracksSEO: Organic SearchSEM: Search MarketingThe Webmaster WorldThe Mosh Pit
08:45a 9:00a Conference Introduction by Brett Tabke
(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
09:00a 10:00a WebmasterWorld Pubcon Kickoff Keynote Address - Guy Kawasaki
(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
10:15a 11:30a SEO and Big Search
Dave Roth, Melanie Mitchell, Joseph Morin, Adam Lasnik

(Covered By Chris Boggs)
PPC Ad and Landing Page Optimization
Brad Geddes, Christine Churchill, Lily Chiu, Tony Wright

(Covered By XXXX)
In-House Optimization Forum
Brant Bukowsky, Heather Lloyd-Martin, Jessica L Bowman

(No Coverage)
Feeds, Blogs, News, and Social Search
Owen Byrne, Rick Klau, Chris Tolles, Niall Kennedy

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
11:35a 12:50p Link Development and Linking Optimization
Rae Hoffman, Eric Ward, Roger Montti, Joel Lesser

(Covered By Chris Boggs)
Large Scale Bid Management
Chris Zaharias, Kevin Lee, Aaron Shear

(No Coverage)
Tools of The Trade - Turnkey Solutions
Alex Bennert, Derek Vaughan, Brett Tabke

(No Coverage)
Feeds and Other Alternative Optimization Opportunities
Greg Jarboe, Amanda Watlington, Todd Malicoat, Greg Hartnett

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
12:50p 1:30p Special Event : Yahoo! Search Marketing Lunch Panel: The New Advertising Platform
(Covered By Chris Boggs)
1:30p 2:45p Feeding the Engines - Writing Copy
Heather Lloyd-Martin, Jennifer Slegg, Ted Ulle, Byron White

(Covered By dazzlindonna)
PPC Search Advertising Programs
Daniel Boberg, Chrysi Philalithes, Frederick Vallaeys, Mel Carson

(No Coverage)
Affiliate Strategies and Content Strategies
David Rivero, Matt Tuens, Elisabeth Archambault, John Coronella

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
Link and SEO Dev Site Review Forum
Greg Niland, Rae Hoffman, Liana Evans

(No Coverage)
2:45p 4:00p Corporate Mega Site SEO Management
Robert Carilli, Chris Boggs, Chris Boggs, Andrew Gerhart, Aaron Shear

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
PPC Tracking and Reconciliation
Paul Apodaca, John Marshall, Brett Crosby

(No Coverage)
CSS and HTML Coding Today
Marc Juneau, Ted Ulle, Daniel Goldman

(No Coverage)
Ad and Landing Page Site Reviews
Seth Wilde, Kevin Lee, Lily Chiu, Neil Patel, Brad Geddes

(No Coverage)
4:00p 5:00p Special Afternoon Keynote by Jon S Von Tetzchner
(Covered By Barry Schwartz)

Wednesday November 15

TracksSEO: Organic Search OptimizationSEM: Search MarketingAdvertising Programs and issuesThe Mosh Pit
09:00a 10:00a New Age of Web Advertising Keynote by John Battelle
(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
10:15a 11:30a International and Euro Optimization
Michael Bonfils, Barry Lloyd, Dixon Jones, Jessica L Bowman

(Covered By Chris Boggs)
Local and Mobile Local Search
Warren Kay, Justin Sanger, Jake Baillie, Doug Perlson

(Covered By dazzlindonna)
Contextual Advertising Optimization
Cody Simms, Jennifer Slegg, Tom Pickett, Jay Sears, Yaron Galai

(No Coverage)
What Every Webmaster Should Know: PHP, PERL, ASP.net
Marc Juneau, Adam Young, Dan Kramer, Ted Ulle

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
11:35a 12:50p Site Structure for Crawlability
Vanessa Fox, Tim Converse, Brett Tabke, Mark Jackson

(No Coverage)
Keyword Selection - Top of Search
Dixon Jones, Gregory Markel, Larry Mersman, Adam Jewell

(No Coverage)
PodCasting and Net Radio 101
Andrew Schlichting, Daron Babin, Amanda Watlington, Cindy Turrietta

(No Coverage)
Search Blog and Reporter Forum
Michael McDonald, Barry Schwartz, Andy Beal, Lee Odden, Rand Fishkin

(Covered By Chris Boggs)
1:30p 3:10p Duplicate Content Issues
Tim Converse, Bill Slawski, Amanda Watlington, Google Representative

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
Search Marketing 101 - Paid and Organic Performance
Andrew Goodman, Wil Reynolds

(No Coverage)
Purchasing Links
Andy Hagans, John Lessnau, Thomas Bindl

(Covered By Chris Boggs)
Optimizing your Site For Higher Conversion Rates
Philippe Lang, Alex Bennert, Glenn Alsup

(No Coverage)
3:30p 5:00p Super Session : Search and Research on a Rail
Gordon Hotchkiss, Tom Hughes, Glenn Alsup, Dana Todd

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
5:30p 7:30p Special Event : Safe Bets From Google
(Covered By Barry Schwartz)

Thursday November 16

TracksNext Wave SearchNew Marketing TechThe Webmaster WorldThe Mosh Pit
09:00a 10:00a Special Guest Keynote - Danny Sullivan
(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
10:15a 11:30a One Page Wonders
Jeff Libert, Ted Ulle, George Kepnick

(No Coverage)
Press and Public Relation Campaigns
Robin Liss, Lee Odden, Greg Jarboe, David McInnis

(Covered By dazzlindonna)
Forums and Communities : Building and Optimization
Elisabeth Osmeloski, Roger B. Dooley, Brett Tabke, Lawrence Coburn

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
Ecommerce Site Optimization
Rob Snell, Jimmy Duvall, Stephanie Leffler, Aaron Shear

(Covered By Chris Boggs)
11:35a 12:50p Spider and DOS Defense - Rebels, Renegades, and Rogues
William Atchison, Brett Tabke, Dan Kramer, Vanessa Fox

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
Viral and WOMM Marketing Management
Rand Fishkin, Louise Rijk, Aaron Wall, Lawrence Coburn

(Covered By Chris Boggs)
Forensic and Competitive Intelligence
Rob Garner, Andy Beal, Roger B. Dooley, Jake Baillie, Michael Marshall

(No Coverage)
Legal Issues of Domain Name Ownership
Jeffrey K. Rohrs, Howard Neu, Clarke Walton, Jeff Libert, Monte Cahn

(No Coverage)
1:30p 3:10p Interactive Site Reviews and SERP Quality Control Forum
Matt Cutts, Tim Mayer, Greg Boser, Todd Friesen, Danny Sullivan

(Covered By Barry Schwartz)
3:30p 5:00p Super Session : Search Engines and Webmasters - aka: The Search Engine Smack Down
Matt Cutts, Tim Mayer, Rahul Lahiri, Eytan Seidman

(Covered By Chris Boggs)

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11/06/2006 11:48 pm

Sorry I can't cover this event with you. Damn cut-backs - at least you may meet some colleagues of mine. :o( Rob

Aaron Shear

11/07/2006 10:44 am

Only a week left! I need to start writing my power points.

Chris Boggs

11/07/2006 04:11 pm

Hi...just a quick update. I am scheduled to present a Webinar on Nov 16th at 2:00pm EST, which means I will get to the Viral and WOMM panel late, and that I will not be able to cover ecom session. (http://thebmaboston.com/content/events/detail.jsp/q/event-id/17)

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