Man Almost Dies From Stock Drop Error

Aug 3, 2006 • 1:39 pm | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google News & Finances

File this in "weird things people do because of Google". While we are used to webmasters getting search ranking headaches because of Google, never before has there been someone that has almost died because of loosing over $68,000 trading in Google stock. There is a thread on Digitalpoint talking about an article in the New York Sun where a man almost had a real heart attack when he saw Google's stock (GOOG) drop $350 in less than 10 minutes. The error was not heavily covered in the major media, and thankfully probably a good thing for many people. Regardless, there were those that did observe and believe it was for real. The error was quickly corrected but not after it had been trading at $38 for sometime.

Continued discussion at Digitalpoint - Man Almost Dies From Google Error

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Barry Schwartz

08/03/2006 05:54 pm

Well, I almost died when I heard this post was the 4,000th article on SERoundtable. Congrats!

Ben Pfeiffer

08/03/2006 06:11 pm

Your killing me Barry, just killing me. :-) I am laughing so much I might stop breathing. haha.

chris boggs

08/03/2006 06:22 pm

that is pretty funny. reminds me of Sanford and his "this is the big one" line from "Sanford and Son" Way to go Barry 4,000 and gonna jump higher over the next week, espcially with SES coverage coming.

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