Speeding Up Page Loads When Google AdSense is On the Page

Jul 28, 2006 • 10:20 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

A WebmasterWorld thread discusses methods of speeding up the page load of a page that has Google AdSense on it. Sometimes, because of the ads are called from a different server, it may make the page of the site appear to load slower, when in reality, it is the ads that are slowing down the page load times. So what can you do to speed it up?

WebmasterWorld Admin, trillianjedi says;

Source ordered content

Pull the AdSense code last and position with appropriate CSS DIV markup. I'm not sure that's all easy in my particular case as I'm using a full float CSS layout already which is probably pushing the margins of what is currently possible. I don't know that it would stand any additional complexity.

This is the preferred method. Of course, adding some timeout code to the page, just in case Google goes down would also help with things.

Forum discussion for other solutions at WebmasterWorld.

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Chris Beasley

07/28/2006 03:35 pm

Using an iframe works too.


07/29/2006 09:16 pm

You could write the adsense code to the page with javascript, and put that javascript at the bottom of your html. Don't know if adsense allows this though.

Nick Aster

10/05/2006 11:42 pm

Thanks for this - but you can't iFrame google ads if they are contextual because they will be 'reading' a blank page.... right?

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