Shawn Hogan, CEO of DigitalPoint, Battles with the Motion Picture Association of America

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Via Wired, Shawn Hogan, who runs the incredibly popular DigitalPoint Forums and Tools has been sued by Universal Pictures and the Motion Picture Association of America for allegedly downloading Meet the Fockers over BitTorrent. Shawn denies this and has turned down the offer to settle the case for $2,500 - he wants to stand up for everyone who has been falsely accused and fight. Shawn said he is willing to "spend well into the millions on this." Wired calls Shawn a "Hero."

Let's show our support by dropping him a note in DigitalPoint Forum Thread his sister started for him.

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07/26/2006 08:35 pm

Hopefully he is taking a counter suit for the wrongful accusation, but even better, using discovery, he can expose their methodology. This may uncover flawed tactics that may have been in creating other lawsuits. Which means, with the right amount of publicity, this could develop into a Class Action suit

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