Google Selling Ads on Benches? Google Bench Ads?

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This can't be real, I mean I see it, but it can't be real. A WebmasterWorld thread has a picture of, well let me show you.


Huh? Ok, so there is a market for bench ads but is someone piggy banking off of Google's name to sell bench ads or is Google selling bench ads? I would believe the first.

So weird.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Mat Bennett

07/20/2006 03:30 pm

I read it as an instruction for people to "Google (for) benchads".

Barry Schwartz

07/20/2006 03:32 pm

Hmmm... you're probably right. But you can see how I was confused...


07/21/2006 07:58 am

This pic has been floating around the web for at least a couple months. It's totally not true. But it is pretty funny.


07/21/2006 09:50 am

Or should it read "AdBenches"


12/30/2006 12:01 am

It's is an advertising co Nadle Advertising. that advertises on google so they are saying that if you want to place an ad on that particular bench or just place a bus bench ad "just google benchads". That is all.


03/29/2007 02:40 pm

Matt, you are mistaken. It's not a hoax, it's 100% true. I have seen them around here in S. Florida.


08/07/2007 08:39 pm

it is not hoax, they are on Power Line Road, and Sample Road in Pompano Beach FL

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