Google Down in the UK

Jul 17, 2006 • 11:44 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

People in the UK trying to access Google may be experiencing connectivity issues. A DigitalPoint Forums thread shows how several folks are reporting Google to be down.

Have not been able to access any Google site for the past 5 mins in the UK

Well I can't access Google OR login to Adsense OR get Adsense ads on any site - from the UK - using BT broadband

Down for me.... I'm in the Oxford area at the moment, on a BT broadband line.

Danny Sullivan just informed me that he found Google to be "sluggish." Danny is based in the UK.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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07/17/2006 05:04 pm

Yep, I've had no access to Google sites for at least an hour. Any thoughts as to why?


07/17/2006 06:09 pm

confirmed google is down. can you read me ? google is down. awaiting further info. copy?

Andy Hamilton

07/17/2006 07:19 pm

I can confirm that it is down for me too, I wonder if this is a worldwide problem as despite being a uk based site my server is in the USA. It is now 20.17 looks like we will have all lost a few dollars today then! Is this something to do with the recent news items about click fraud perhaps, they could possibly be installing some new software. Who knows but if it carrys on there will be millions lost so I am sure they must be beavering away somewhere.

Mike Watts

07/17/2006 09:27 pm

I cant connect with firefox but I can with IE, anybody else get this? Whats that about?

Roger Torye

07/19/2006 11:54 am

Same here; last few days I had small outages with the BT Total Broadband 8mb/s package, esp. on Google.

The Caesar

07/22/2006 02:04 am

Now..22/07/06 GOOGLE has been down in Southeast Asia....6 hours no googling!!!


02/20/2009 01:02 pm

Google's not much liked by the government.


09/12/2013 06:49 am

I can't get You Tube either: It seems like all Google services are down. Pinging doesn't get any packets returned either.

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