Google a Cult? The Next Enron?

Jul 11, 2006 • 4:25 pm | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Someone once told me that it is inevitable that any large company or famous person gets "bad press" every once in a while. Chances are you can search the Internet and find articles maligning even Mother Theresa herself. A recent article in The Register seems to be quite abrasive when speaking of Google, comparing it to a cult and even Enron.

DazzlinDonna points to the article at Search Engine Roundtable Forums, and includes the snippets alluded-to above. Naturally, this kind of article probably doesn't worry Google too much, but it's fun to see what some people think about the search and Internet marketing giant. I would venture to say that many others have begun to feel this way about Google, but I will keep the tin foil hat on the shelf for now...there's much more to be worried about these days.

Join the discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums, and see the article at The Register.

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Chris Beasley

07/11/2006 09:48 pm

The Register is far from what I'd consider even handed journalism.

Barry Schwartz

07/11/2006 10:25 pm

Yea, but you got to love them. :)

John Andrews

07/12/2006 03:52 am

Enron was big business, with very deep government/big business connections. Google has only just now started to court Washington. They are really not at all similar.

chris boggs

07/12/2006 01:04 pm

these are valid comments. My goal was to try and get them posted at SER Forums though. :) I know The Register isn't exactly the WSJ, but this is a good topic. btw Dave has proposed a funny solution at the SER Thread...


07/12/2006 01:34 pm

You want slag on Mother Theresa? Here's slag from Christopher Hitchens I think Google has a long way to fall in comparison to that old bat.

chris boggs

07/12/2006 03:05 pm

wow wren that is harsh...maybe we should sell t-shirts "Just Say No To Saint Mother Theresa" :P

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