Google AdWords Customers Polled On "Happy Factor"

May 3, 2006 • 8:06 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

A very information poll is taking place at WebmasterWorld asking;

Are you as happy with Adwords as you were last year?

There are only 13 responses so far and I hope to see more. Generally, the answer to the questions is NO.

Five members say they are happy with AdWords compared to last year.

Eight members say they are not as happy with AdWords this year, compared to last year.

Join the discussion/poll at WebmasterWorld.

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Neil Patel

05/03/2006 05:57 pm

Most people will probably not be happy compared to last year because the cost per click has increased for most keywords. This causes ROI to decrease which brings down satisfaction levels.

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