Contextual Ad Click-O-Phobia Begins To Affect Google & Yahoo! Publishers

Apr 28, 2006 • 7:26 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Contextual Ads

A thread at DigitalPoint Forums had an interesting title, Are you click-o-phobic? I never really thought about this. Publishers are so trained not to click on their own ads, it becomes second nature to look at the ads, but never ever click on them. This constant wrist slapping training has possibly caused some to subconsciously never click on any contextual advertisement from Google or Yahoo and the others. Honestly, if you are a publisher, do you feel a weird sense of gratification or accomplishment after clicking on a contextual ad, on any site? I believe that I have a weird feeling after clicking on one of those ads.

Click-O-Phobia is the proper term for such a condition.

Do you have click-o-phobia? Are you click-o-phobic? Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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04/28/2006 08:38 pm

I'm always hesitating before a ever click because I'm an AdWords and AdSense client too. I rarely click anyway, if I do then I'm bookmarking the site I clicked too because it was an ad I was interested in and I don't want to lose a good reference. I'm also finding the ads I'm seeing within my Gmail quite worthwhile.


04/29/2006 01:23 pm

Interesting thread. I agree but I think there may be more going on here, tho. As I <a href="">just posted</a> on my blog, I suspect that there may well be a significant increase in 'ad-blindness': people are no longer 'seeing' the advert component of the webpage, in much the same way we filter out TV and newspaper advertisement.


08/10/2006 04:18 am

I know I have been working on my site, or just visiting my site or others... sometimes it seems as though I can't interact with my own site. I'm so scared that I might subconsciously click an ad just because I am some what trained to "surf" by clicking on the things that interest me.

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