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According to and when you play around with the URL to change the standard range=2y to range=10y, you can see Google's tremendous growth in traffic reach. Interesting enough, when you compare side by side vs, here is what you get:


Other curious information you see on this page is "Where do people go on":

  • - 75%
  • - 9%
  • - 8%
  • - 2%
  • - 2%
  • - 1%
  • - 1%
  • Other websites - 2%

I know some of you reserve your thoughts on how accurate is Alexa, but keep in mind that you're comparing apples with apples here.

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04/05/2006 02:31 am

It may be comapring Apples and Apples, but using Alexa to do it is comparing them from far away, and squinting. The reader of this blog alone could change those stats in an hour if we were so inclined.

Barry Schwartz

04/05/2006 02:39 am

Eli, I tend to agree. It is also important to note that Google users are probably more likely to have the Alexa toolbar installed, compared to MSN users.


04/05/2006 04:13 am

To be fair, shouldn't we include #2 and #4 in the mix? Sticking with the apples to apples analogy, we could assign Google a codename of Gala, Yahoo York, MSN Mutsu, and Ask could be Adanac. And without violating any apple variety copyright! I've saved <a href="">an image showing the above graph with Yahoo! and Ask included</a>. Honestly, eyeballing the lines, I'd venture to say the measure shows validity. Well defined curves showing similar seasonal fluctuation over time. What I'd really like to see is trending via moving averages. Now where's the other half of that worm? Spice

Nacho Hernandez

04/05/2006 04:40 am

Hey Spice, thank you for that image!! I wasn't able to make that come through (maybe it's firefox??). I completely agree with you on that. Perhaps when it comes to webmaster/marketing oriented sites there might be a skew towards a specific profile having the toolbar installed. However, when it comes to a reach of 250K - 300K per million, then it's another story. That's millions (to say ALL users) that have the toolbar installed, from soccer-moms to tech-savvy geeks. Margin of error becomes minimal and data becomes normalized.

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