15 Reasons Why You May Be An Undesirable Search Engine Optimization Client

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Wondering why you can't find any SEO company? The following article below examines the reasons why you may not be an ideal SEO client and the reasons for that. I wrote this article based on some experience I have recently with some people that I have turned down but still insist on hiring me. How do I tell me I am not interested? This is a letter addressed to the unwanted SEO client. For more forum discussion on this see SEroundtable Forums.

Dear Unwanted SEO Client,

As I see it, you have two options. One you can run yelling and kicking to the next SEO company complaining that the last one didn't like your website and you need them to sign you up at a low low rate because you don't have an SEO budget or you think you don't need one. Can you survive for a time on free SEO Handouts? Eventually you may realize this probably isn't the best option.

Your second option is to realize that while you may have a website that no one wants to work with (really, its possible), you may have no money, you have ambitious dreams that not even you can justify, and that for once you might just have to do this SEO work yourself. You will have to create and find value in this SEO work or else it will pass your by and any hopes of ranking highly in the search engines.

In the last couple weeks I have been petitioned by a couple of "psuedo SEO clients" that insist on calling me for information on what to do with their website. Now I am a nice guy and I always give new clients a free 30 minutes of my time. Sometimes more if I know they need it. I have to pay the bills like everyone else and there becomes a point when "free advice" needs to become "paid advice". If you don't want to pay for "paid advice" then move on. So the client moves on...

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03/16/2006 01:23 am

Great article. This is exactly why I won't do purely SEO work any longer, and rarely start work with a new client who wasn't referred to me. First, the underlying issue is a lack of traffic, not just search engine traffic. Second, too many people have unrealistic expectations, or ones that are realistic goals for ranking but won't make them any money.


03/16/2006 01:23 am

Wahhhahaahaaaa - This should be mandatory reading for all potential clients. My first experience as an SEO contractor was 5 meetings with a guy in real estate who milked me for as much info as he could (knowing "nothing" about how SEO worked...) & ran. years later he's still not in the top rankings so - HAH! Many times people dont realize the value of an SEO budget becuase they dont have the metrics to prove what it's worth. First place for [this keyword] would mean this much money to you - that kinda stuff.

Web Professor

03/16/2006 02:41 pm

Nice find lol.. Affiliate sites are teh worst. I personally hate clients so I avoid them if I can.

Mat Siltala

03/16/2006 09:09 pm

I made the unfortunante mistake of taking on one of my best friends (more of in passing - "yea Ill help you do better with your website) before looking it over and its one of the affiliate ones that (who knows how many other people have the same site with same content) WOW this one is going to be almost impossible...we will see, but this is good info and good article to show such people in a nice way!!!

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