MSN HRS: Human Review System?

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JoJo posted a thread at our forums named MSN "judging" websites manually? and at DigitalPoint forums named in ref logs ? revealing a page at MSN Search named HRS at, which has the logo at the top, shown below.

Does anyone have the password? I am guessing, wild guess, no evidence, that HRS stands for "Human Review System" but I can be totally wrong. I did a search on msn hrs and found only non-english pages, here is one translated.


We know Google has human reviews and so does Yahoo, who doesn't. So one can assume that MSN does as well.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums and DigitalPoint Forums.

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Craig Wilson

11/10/2006 01:56 pm

I was checking my analytics today and spotted some traffic from this domain. Done a quick Google search and found this post, it's a few months old but the HRS thing must be still going (as the traffic was from today, 10th November) Has there been any more information on this since January? The traffic came from

Ron Drabkin

12/16/2006 03:42 am some traffic from this domain today. checked out the site and it said ...'boo' i am really curious!!


02/23/2007 02:08 am

Same as Craig, I got here via a Google for MSN HRS. I received a 404 (my 404 script mails me when it's my fault) about a page I moved. The weird thing is I set up a 301 redirect for it. I think it's because they hit the page without the trailing slash. But I digress. Any news about what this is?


03/20/2007 01:19 am

Received one hit from an MSN HRS URL today. I was curious about what it might be, especially since there is so little information available via search engine. I'm sure it is some kind of internal rating system because of the 'judging' parameter. I just thought it was kinda strange. <i>Bill, that you?</i> Yuk, yuk.

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