Ask's Barry Diller to Keynote at SES NYC

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This is huge, huge enough for Danny Sullivan to post an image on the SEW blog. Danny writes at SEW Blog, IAC's Barry Diller To Keynote SES NY 2006 Next Month. Yea, that is right, this is bigger then Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Ask Jeeves, Keynote SES San Jose and probably even bigger then Yahoo Cofounder Jerry Yang To Keynote SES NY last year (keynote notes). I posted a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums, maybe members will post interesting questions Danny can use for the keynote?

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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Search Engines Web

01/13/2006 08:39 pm

-- One Obvious Question would be the Effectiveness of <i><b>Subject Specific Popularity</b></i> It just has not been the Google Killer Teoma intially predicted......why???? In theory it appears sound - but Ask/Teoma Relevancy is on the level of Yahoo and MSN. -- Another question would be - is click tracking being used in Algos....Ask purchased <i>DIRECT HIT</i>....the "Click Popularity" Innovators but what is being done with the technolory - unlike Google Yahoo or MSN, there is no redirect page are they using the technology and how. -- Another question would be the visual integration of the Sponsor Links into the Organic/Natural SERPs....There's is the only Major Search Engine that does not use a background tint color to isolate the Sponsors - so it is in a way, a form of subtile deception - the Sponsors look almost identical to the SERPs... -- Another Question is what is going to be done with <b>TEOMA</b> - as of now it is just an appendage to ASK - it does NOT seem to be prioritized....

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