Is Matt Cutts Blog Useful?

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A two page thread at Cre8asite Forums named What do you learn from Matt Cutts?, Does he give you SEO advices?... He basically asks, is Matt's blog an SEO blog that SEOs can learn from?

Member Nadir gives Matt a really hard time. Saying that "his blog looks just like sensational newspapers." He compares some of the entries, where he calls out spammers, the same thing to witch trials done "middle ages, witches were executed in public in Europe."

There are some in the thread that agree with Nadir and some that do not.

Ruud offers up a post with many reason why Matt's blog is very important to SEOs. Concluding that "every Google employee should have a blog and post as much as possible about what keeps them busy. Just keep on talking."

This is all in response to Matt Winning Best SEO Blog at SEJ.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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01/02/2006 03:28 pm

his blog is mostly propaganda,he is Mountain Views Apostle who spreads the word of (SEO)Truth ;) Of course, I do follow each entry with great interest! regards viggen

Ben Pfeiffer

01/02/2006 04:14 pm

I honestly never considered Matt an SEO. He really doesn't do things SEO's do, except he works for Google and knows what "their" policies are. So I was a bit confused on the award for his blog that is still pretty recent. His entries are "opinions" not "truths".


01/02/2006 06:39 pm

Hi there, It's Nadir from Cre8, just to clarify the situation and what my concern was about: as a SEO I do find useful information in his blog (from time to time), but I was really wondering why this guy for example won the Best SEO blog award and why so many people around me talk about him as the SEO god, while he actually just shows off when he finds a spam... That's his blog, he can do whatever he wants, I just don't need to hear the last criminal arrests in town, instead I would prefer him to give me an explaination of the "sandbox" filters! ;)

anonymous coward

01/04/2006 03:46 am

actually nadir - Matt's not "showing off" when he "finds spam" - he's using a single site as an example of what Google spam team considers to be search engine spamming - and if you read through the responses of the site owner and others, you'd understand that lots of non-seos are making mistakes with their sites, not realizing that the sites whose techniques that they're imitating are disposable. When they complain they got banned for doing "nothing wrong", in my opinion it is useful to show that their sites clear fall outside of the established Google quality guidelines - that they weren't arbitrarily removed from the index by "big bad google" just to increase adwords revenues.


01/04/2006 06:37 am

Ok I see anonymous coward! Thanks for your explainations, I promised I won't insult Matt cutts anymore :( BtW are you Matt Cutts? You just sound like him?

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