Moving on Up: Feedster 500; 161

Nov 22, 2005 • 10:26 pm | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration


Last time Feedster came out with the Feedster 500 list, it was in August, and we came in last place, at number 500. Today, Feedster came out with the list for November and December (it looks like) and we moved up to slot number 161 - not a bad gain. But I bet the number 500 spot, held by

This time blogs that were first not included, in the search industry are - specifically Search Engine Watch at number 109 and ThreadWatch at number 181. Lots of other search blogs made the list, congrats to everyone!

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11/23/2005 05:19 am

Nice gain! Looks like you'll need more room for your award icons soon...

Lee Odden

11/23/2005 11:40 pm

Hey Barry, I think you stole my spot! I was 161 last time. :) I suppose changing my blog url didn't help any. Am now down in the 300's. Ugh. Next time I bet you're in the top 100.

Barry Schwartz

11/24/2005 01:17 pm

Nice, I stole your spot! Ha! Just kidding, I am sure we can both make the top 100 next time. You do an awesome job!

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