PPC Engines Should Offer Day Parting

Nov 21, 2005 • 8:08 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Pay Per Click Engines

A thread at Search Engine Watch forums named Displayed Ad Time Management asks why can't I set my ads to display at certain times of the day and week and have them turn off at certain times during the day or week?

Currently, I believe you need a 3rd party software piece to automate that. Of course, the engines provide APIs where you can program these functions for yourself. Does MSN offer this as a default setting in its ad management center?

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11/23/2005 12:32 am

Today i recieved an email and was chosen to participate in the U.S. pilot of MSN adCenter. They do offer day parting by time, day, and gender. I believe all PPC Engines should offer this and hopefully they will step up when adCenter is released.

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