Google Knows Link Networks Well

Nov 17, 2005 • 8:57 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

I know, its like 6am here but I couldn't sleep since 4am, thinking about this one topic. Google knows about your linking networks, it knows about your traded links and even some of your paid links. During the Organic Site Reviews session yesterday, people were calling out sites they wanted to review. I attended the session because the panel seemed pretty interesting. On that panel included Matt Cutts. Now Matt had his laptop with him and you can see he was doing his own research behind his computer, on the URLs brought up on the screen. While the panelist was looking at site architecture and using Yahoo's Site Explorer to pick on the site links, Matt was using some of his own tools. And let me tell you, it was scary.

He was asking questions, why do you have links from this site. It shows that your part of this and that network. Why are you doing reciprocal linking with this and that group of people? I kept thinking to myself, why do these people keep calling out their sites when they know they did some unnatural link acquisitions? Or maybe they didn't know? Either way, Matt clearly explained that the links are not hurting the sites, they are however not helping it rank in Google. And if they are paid links or if you are spending your time or resources getting those unnatural links - then it may hurt you financially.

It was quiet impressive to see, but also maybe one of the big take aways from this conference. Of course, I knew this before hand. But I have never seen Matt or an other search representation show such a public display of "We know who you are, what you did and why you did it." So maybe this picture is appropriate. :)

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11/17/2005 02:31 pm

Very interesting. Makes sense that Google would be five steps ahead of everyone else in understanding link pattern.

Angel Serrano

11/19/2005 02:40 pm

Google wants to know it... :-)

Angel Serrano

11/19/2005 02:47 pm

An unnatural link is a link from a site to because the site use site search box of google ... An unnatural link is a sitewide link to blogger ... An unnatural link is a contextual ad in search result ... An unnatural link is a press release about how google knows everything of your link building or how google buys a lot of things to get link popularity... Google knows very well how to get unnatural links ... :-o

TelandWeb Solutions

11/20/2005 03:39 pm

It make sense that google make that, when some one take these to the limit, But, i have a question. Link exchange, and all what involve, is not one of the things that you make for your client, in figure in the search engines????

Search Engines Web

12/05/2005 10:06 pm

What is important to realize is that Google only accounts for about 40% of Search Engines Browsing Whether or not something helps in Google is somewhat unimportant - what is important is whether it helps in Yahoo, MSN, Ask - together they account for at least over one half of Search Engine browsing. There is really no such thing as unnatural linking - only ASK JEEVES/ TEOMA officially advocates Subject Specific Popularity. Doing a search for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION some SEOs om page One SERPs, invited those who used their Online SE Submissions tool, to cut and paste the promotion HTML link code onto their sites ( "to share this resource with others" ;-) ) Analyzing those who did do just that - you will find Many Many Many Many varied sites as Back Links. BTW: New Google used that promotion tactic in its beginning days 1999 - advertising on other sites and offerring the Google Search Code to copy and paste. If someone wants to establish a network with others seeking to promote their site - SO WHAT !!!! The sites are reviewed - it is not as if one is holding a gun to someones head to force a trade!!! In terms of LINK NETWORKs - it is simply a Network for strangers to mutually agree to meet and analyze each others' offerrings.

Australia SEO

08/23/2006 04:12 pm

Most SEOs know about the compilation of high PR directories to submit to for Google PR purposes. So for new websites, does it hurt to submit to as many directories, i.e. get inbound links? Do websites get sandboxed because of this?

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