MSN Replies to MSN adCenter Complaints

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There has been this two page thread at Search Engine Watch Forums named MSN AdCenter Rough Start which has a load of complaints and issues with MSN adCenter. Some complaints include;

  • Price estimator tool UI and information lacking
  • Learning center information is far from sufficient
  • It only working in IE


AdCenter has not yet official confirmed as the MSN adCenter representative, but he/she is answering questions on MSN's behalf at SEW forums. First AdCenter replied on 10-25-2005 and then Danny Sullivan convinced AdCenter representative to come back yesterday to answer some of the tough questions. The reply is detailed and ends as follows;

We're definitely listening to your comments and requests. In the coming weeks you will be seeing more of my posts and answers to your questions. We know you’re all on the front lines and have valuable information to share. We’re very excited to become more involved in the forums and we’re looking forward to building a great tool and services. Keep the feedback coming!

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11/23/2005 06:55 pm


John Diller

12/01/2005 12:43 pm

A lot of my sent e mail - a lot of it important items - comes back rejected with the rejection reason "550 permit denied". Please correct this. Thank you. The e mail addresses I send to are valid and in the past before "550 permit denied" I could send to them before the 550 permit denied

jack chatburn

03/16/2007 07:54 pm

everytime i logon on to my MSN account after 5 mins or so a sign comes up saying the is something wrong with messenger and telling me to send a report witch doesnt help is there away of stoping it

Marty Winn

03/21/2007 06:24 pm

Who do we complain to about things we buy from venders that send me emails to buy thing ??? I have purchased medications that are fake they dont work who do I contact for my sadisfaction the site wont respond to any emails or they get rejected ..


09/13/2007 12:20 am

Whoever made MSN Live sucks. I can't log into my msn unless i download it, and even if I click yes it doesn't work, it's a load of shit, and I bet it isn't even any better. Thanks bitches.

Leslie A.W. Wilson

10/24/2007 03:25 pm

Why do I have to continually sign in after saving my password

sandy bloggert

11/12/2007 05:28 am

I cannot click on my favorites...Your MSN home page is interferring with this. I am always getting one of your categories instead. HELP....Move it. Allow for us to drag down and click on our own favorites. PLEASE FIX ASAP.


07/10/2008 03:19 pm

everytime I go on to talk a conversation with one of my friends. My friends tell me that I have sent a comment sayin' Wow, I think I have seen your pic on facebook'. Its so annoying. I can't even see it happening. Its crashing my friends computer. Can You tell me how do get it off please??

Eileen Tsang

05/05/2009 04:37 am

I can't use the share folder function in the latest version of Windows live messenger & it cause made great trouble as the function of it destory the link of update information between me & my friends. pls reply & advice the way of solving

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