Forget Buying A DMOZ Editor Account, Get It Free!

Oct 27, 2005 • 11:30 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Open Directory Project (DMOZ)

Now thats what we like to hear. It seems only appropriate right now for someone to came out with a good way to get an editor account on DMOZ. As we know those people over at DMOZ aren't very nice at times and securing an editor account can be harder than scoring a PR9. Jim Boykin blogged however on a detailed plan to become a DMOZ editor. It's quite an excellent article on how to become an editor that every good SEO should probably read it. As for applying to become an editor, if you think its necessary for your success then go ahead and do so. One thing Jim points out that I totally agree with is this:

To start with, I think DMOZ is highly overrated. DMOZ may have been a bigger factoring to rankings in Google in the past, but I doubt that today it’s worth any more than any other link of equal value - that is to say, I doubt that just because you’ve got a link from that that’s treated different than any other link. There’s lots of people who haven’t changed with the times and are mistaken into thinking it’s a magical factor to ranking high in Google.

So DMOZ as Jim puts it is soo 2002-2003ish, I agree. Infiltrating DMOZ is so 2005 though. If you don't like the directory, then you might as well change it from within.

Check out Jim's - Pssst Giving Away DMOZ Accounts post.

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10/27/2005 03:50 pm

Dmoz is a bit bigger than other links. Remember google downloads it regularly and adds its contents pell mell (of course then their spam filters remove urls) .. Overlooking DMOZ is a mistake. That being said, its not everything.


11/08/2005 06:51 pm

I would rather get it free. I don't think it is so hard to become a dmoz editor, as some people claim. I was on the web searching how to become a editor and I found this blog. This guy made it as a editor when disapproved of the directory.

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