Toolbar PageRank Update Imminent

Oct 18, 2005 • 9:19 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Matt Cutts wrote on his blog today:

Just to give you a heads-up, I think a new set of backlinks (and possibly PageRank) will probably be visible relatively soon; I’m guessing within the next few days. I still expect some flux after that though, just to let you know.

You can pretend you don't care, but then you'd be lying :-)

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Chris Boggs

10/18/2005 02:24 pm

I really don't care! Actually I am interested to see any new backlink reporting from G far more than I am interested in Mike Grehan's aptly named "fairy dust." :P

Eric Schumann

10/19/2005 01:59 pm

Good, I have been waiting. I have two sites that I put up in March and April and I am hoping that my traffic will increase. Also I reported one of our competitors for making a mirror site about 2 weeks ago. I am hoping to see them banned from google. They have a .net and .com with the same exact content. Is there a way to do that legally? If so, I am unaware. Thanks for the info.


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