Adult AdWords Ads Shown for Site Command

Sep 7, 2005 • 9:04 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

I have never seen an adult ad shown in the Google sponsored results when conducting a site command in Google to check the health of a large dynamic site. Basically, I used the syntax and presto, an adult ad.

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To be fair, the ads no longer come up, so it might have been a fluke. I posted a thread about this at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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Loren Baker

09/07/2005 01:22 pm

Chat With Girls - yuck. The one positive thing the Sex Chat world has on the Phone Sex world is that their staff does not have to be women, nor speak English. They just need to know how to copy and paste. I wonder how much the participants get paid to chat on such services? Hopefully more than WeblogsInc. pays :)


09/08/2005 08:40 am

It largly depends on word you try to find. If you put sex and/or adult material it will show you the adult stuff with ad. So don't start blame game. It is just fine. The search engine is doing fine.

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