Yahoo! Local Freshly Updated

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Yahoo! released its updated user interface and and feature set for Yahoo! Local. John Battelle has a very nice write up on it with inside information from Paul Levine, head of Yahoo Local Search. Danny Sullivan gives a write up of feature sets. Let's not forget to add Jeff Weiner's thoughts on local search and the changing face of media.

Forum discussion on this topic at WebmasterWorld.

Update: Moderator, Chicago's thoughts on this new Yahoo! Local:

- A deeper more broad definition of "local search" - Fostering a sense of community - Movement from business lookup to an augmentation of local behavior patterns - The realization that local search includes events, activities, and other time-based local actions - Personalization and leveraging user data - Deeper content integration from disparate local based content within the Y network in a local destination - Drill down: From city to neighborhood - Freshness - Destination: City portal characteristics - Further emphasis on user generated content - One step closer to the integration of social networking

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Michael Swartz

08/18/2005 05:04 am

It looks great, but I did a search on "web design" in Alameda, CA and was provided with companies that had websites that were either suspended, under construction or inactive. Is there a way for Yahoo to recognize these errors and maybe not provide them in my search results? There's no point in searching if most of the results are not worthy.

Barry Schwartz

08/18/2005 12:03 pm

One distinction with Yahoo! Local is that they provide results in local for companies that have bad, poor and even non-existant web sites. I heard figures like, 50% of small business still dont have a Web site. So there is a positive side to that.

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