Block Poor Countries from AdSense & Make More Money?

Jul 5, 2005 • 9:41 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

An interesting thread at WebmasterWorld named Blocking Adsense Traffic to poor countries have skyrocketed reports just that. Member, asianguy, with 177 total posts at WebmasterWorld claims;

I just blocked all Asian countries and some countries in Europe, then I saw a spike after a couple of hours. Then it stayed there on top since then.

Of course this shocked many. Who cares if a click in Asia is worth 5 cents and a click in America is worth 25 cents? Why not take the 5 cents clicks as well as the 25 cents clicks? Why block the low income visitors? As jomaxx said, "Block all those countries and your bottom-line revenue will go down, not up. Your CPM may go up, but who cares?"

It is still hard to understand if AsianGuy is talking about the advertising campaigns (the actual ads) versus the people who click on the ads. He further tried to clarify, "I am talking about those pages with Google Ads." But I still do not clearly understand if its advertising campaigns or the readers he is blocking. It makes more sense that is it is the campaigns. Jenstar?

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07/05/2005 04:44 pm

Blocking adsense from poorer countries.. inconceivable. Excuse the pun... it does not make any adsense in fact the statement makes total and utter non-sense. Whatever next?

Rocky Moore

07/07/2005 09:32 am

I agree with this! Recently I purchased a cheap ad package that sends about 10,000 visits to my site. Once it started and I had hundreds of hits from this ad package which mostly come from outside the USA, my traffic from Google dropped to almost nothing and remained that way until all the purchased clicks completed a couple weeks later. It was the first time I had more visits coming from Yahoo and MSN that Google. This just happened a couple weeks ago. When it started my AdSense revenue dropped and mained to almost zero. After it was complete, revenue started more like normal but not quite there yet. I plan to ban all IPs outside the USA from and see if Google likes that one better.


09/22/2006 03:53 pm

A Penny For Your Thoughts Project, when you post a comment in the blog a penny will be added to be donated to a charity in a poor country.

Martin Eshleman

04/29/2009 03:14 pm

I noticed the same thing. The more traffic I get outside the U.S. the less traffic Google sends me. Also, the revenue from Adsense clicks from these people outside the U.S. is almost nothing.

Cleber Lusa

05/30/2011 01:08 am

Its really a non-sense way to think... Insteat of blocking traffic from poor countrie, way don't to increase traffic from rich contries? Is a better way to make money with adsense.

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