How Many Links Should I Get per Day?

Jun 15, 2005 • 12:36 pm | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

A new poll and thread just went up at Search Engine Watch forums asking How fast is too fast to gain links???

Natural link building, which really implies not doing anything proactively with the intent of building links, that any link obtained is too many. What I mean is that if you specifically write an article with the intent that it will bring in links to your site, then that intent is wrong according to the search engines. What search engines want is that people should read that article, use that tool, buy that product because it is useful. If that happens to attract people to link to it because of the reasons listed in the sentence before this one, then that is natural.

If I invent a super natural product and it hits the market today, you better believe that I will get hundreds if not thousands of links in one day. Is that too many? Not if its natural. When it is natural? See where my logic is going?

The thread can be fun, because it has a poll. There are dozens, probably hundreds of threads on this topic over the years. Here is a new one with a poll.

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cats are very loyal friends.

06/16/2005 05:30 pm

Linkng is an issue I have a lot of trouble with. A less painful system will really add value if you are creating sites and want these to be indexed and ranked quickly. If search engines rank your sites by the number of active links then even infinity is not too many. cats


07/24/2010 09:32 am

I doubt there is a magic number that will get you punished in the serps so long as you consistantly build that many links over time. If the pattern of how fast you aquire links is unusual the penalty will set in. In other words if your site normally builds a new link once a month and all of a sudden you get a few hundred links in a day that is an abnormal growth. However if you regularly get 10 or more links a day, a burst of 30 wouldn't be unusual.

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