Google Bowled = PageRank 0

Jun 9, 2005 • 9:45 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Today I found a new (new to me) term used at WebmasterWorld. The member who only has 16 posts at WebmasterWorld noticed that he has a PageRank that was grey. He was pretty upset that his useful, unique, and even popular Web site received such discredit from the Google PageRank formula. So this member started a thread named Cool - I've been Google Bowled.

The PageRank values came back a few hours later but that is not my point. I like the term and I thought some of you might like the term, Google Bowled, who knows, maybe it will catch on.

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Michael Nguyen

06/09/2005 03:05 pm

Barry, where have you been =P?

Barry Schwartz

06/09/2005 03:18 pm

Missed that one, thanks!

Christoph - Marketingfan

06/10/2005 09:57 am

Hi, I read about "Google Bowling" a couple of weeks ago already, maybe with Aaron/SEOBOOK or Todd/Stunddubl ... The term is pretty well coined for guys buying HUGE sitewides to direct at their competitors' site... which will for sure "bowl" them out of the google SERPs ... that's it... get a few hundred bucks and rid of your competition.

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