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Here is an other update for you with 8,000 rated searches completed to date. Total searches placed at RustySearch is 11,000+, of which, 8,000 were rated. I still want to reach the 20,000 mark before publishing the actual data. Please help me make this happen.

The graphs and charts below are the most recent results pulled from The Search Engine Relevancy Challenge, RustySearch search engine. I'll explain each graph and chart below.

The "Search Engine Relevancy Dials" below show how each search engine scored on average in terms of relevancy on a one through five scale at this point in time. The search engine with the highest score is considered the most relevant search engine voted by you.

Search Engine Relevancy Dials



Ask Jeeves

MSN Search


This link graph groups search engines by rating. The reason we plotted it on a graph like this is to show you that there is this U shaped curve that is consistent between all search engines when rated. In our opinion, it means that most people either feel the results are relevant or not relevant. Very few people feel that a search engine can be "somewhat" relevant.


Finally, here is a raw summary count of data that we placed on a simple chart view for you. This data is real time and will continue to update as people rate. The averages from top-down are the average rating count by search engine. The averages from left-right are the average rating count by rating group. The value at the far bottom-right corner is the total rated search results obtain at this point in time at RustySearch.

Raw Summary Data
Search Engine12345Average
Ask Jeeves579198192205771389.00
MSN Search637200189218747398.20

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Razvan Antonescu

05/20/2005 07:01 pm

Comments 1. Is too litlle to say Yahoo is in lead:) BUT 2. Even equal it's a shocking result for some ppl that thought that Google is THE search engine Relevancy are also a matter of subjectivism and the stereotype Google implemented worked till now...but sooner or later I think it will be gone The biggest difference I see between Google and Yahoo is on local searches. I mean regional ones. In romanian queries for example Yahoo is useless. But that doesn't make me say that is not good. One of the things I think you ommited is that relenacy of results differs even within the same search engine for queries of different types. A didactical example: Perhaps Google is better on searches on programming than Yahoo but Yahoo is better on searches regarding let's say chemistry. Maybe this is causing the closed results. On the next level of relevancy testing maybe it would be better for you to let user categorise their searches. Use as a starting point root levels from dmoz. They are only 16.

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