More Search Engine Games: Memory with Yahoo! Images

Apr 26, 2005 • 1:47 pm | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Other Yahoo Topics

Yesterday Ben (Phoenix) blogged about a cool game called "GUESS-the-GOOGLE". So, I started a thread at SEW forums to get some discussion and Gary Price replied with another *very cool* memory game that uses Yahoo! Images. I've played it and is a lot of fun as well. The game's instructions aren't in English, but Gary was kind enough to provide ones for us:

1) Enter a search term, let's say fruit
2) Select how many images you want to have to remember (1-28)
3) Click "Go"

Boxes appear. Click one, remember the image, and now click to find the same image elsewhere on the grid.

Have fun!

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04/26/2005 06:30 pm

Oh this one is great too, try a search for Apple. Pretty fun.

Nisse Bryngfors

04/27/2005 06:59 am

Hi! I'm the guy that developed the memory game. Glad you guys liked it! The game is an ongoing experiment where I try to create a new user experience from existing information. At its current state, the game is very primitive. No score, no "end", no image preload etc. But it is a first step. I plan to enhance it and I will also try to create other user experience via the Yahoo! API in the future.

Barry Schwartz

04/27/2005 12:41 pm

Seriously, this is awesome. Great work Nisse and please keep us posted on your future releases!

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