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Apr 4, 2005 • 11:56 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

Some are calling it the "Tim Update" because Tim Mayer posted the "weather update" at the Yahoo! Search Blog. Now that the update has settled, what are the forums saying

One average, most of the forum go'ers are delighted with the results. To be honest, I am shocked at some of the numbers people are reporting. Should SEO's really be controlling the top results of any search engine? If SEOs are happy, does that mean the search engine is doing a bad job of providing relevant results? It is hard to know. I get the impression that the answer to the latter question is, Yes, the search engines are doing a bad job. I am not complaining, I have some nice rankings to brag about myself.

Some others are reporting that their sites have been kicked out of the index. I have seen some cases of this where Yahoo! tagged a site as duplicate, even though the site, in reality, is far from duplicate. What I mean, is the content and html structure are both very different, not to warrant a duplicate filter. I have submitted a case or two that I have found and hope to hear back from the Yahoo! folks shortly. Until then, its off to the forums.

Forum Discussion:

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Yosef Haas

04/04/2005 05:49 pm

"Should SEO's really be controlling the top results of any search engine?" I don't think that it is necessarily a bad thing that an SEO can influence the results. Just because you are SEO'ing a site, does not mean that the site is not relevant. Now, spammers should not be able to control the SERP's - that would be bad. Look at it this way - if an SE algorithm is really good, then any page on top should by definition be a relevant result, SEO'd or not. What's the difference how it got there - as long as it's within the guidelines.

Barry Schwartz

04/04/2005 07:25 pm

Right. But I am thinking from a search engine rep's perspective. I wonder if they think that way. :)

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