Yahoo Dropped Arrows (►) From Results

Mar 30, 2005 • 2:53 pm | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

A thread over at DigitalPoint notes that Yahoo! has dropped arrows (►) from its search results page. The arrow is used by some search engine wary SEOs to draw more attention to their listing over the other search engine real estate listings. Yahoo! said no more to this and removed it. Google has removed the unicode characters over a year ago, Yahoo! follows suit., when will MSN?

Update: I am informed that this is not always the case at Yahoo!. "Looks like Yahoo may only be dropping the arrow if the first character of the title is the arrow." For example see; Yahoo! Search results for longest car, it should look like: yahoo-unicode-arrows.gif

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03/30/2005 08:52 pm

Google seem to still display some of unicode characters. Just search for "hotel de luxe" and you will find six in the first ten. All Flash sites with a noembed tag with a link to a farmlink style page in bonus ;-)

Shawn Hogan

03/31/2005 12:06 am

It's not unicode characters being dropped, just that one in particular. That one is "unique" because it does not need unicode support to be installed on Windows to work (Windows does not install unicode support by default), so all end users can see it (well 99% at least) It's also misleading simply because it's an arrow.

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