Drive or Fly to SES Toronto

Mar 20, 2005 • 11:24 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Conferences Coverage

I will be skipping the Germany and Japan SES SES shows, but I will be attending the Toronto, London and San Jose (etc.) SES shows. I have been contemplating the idea of driving from New York to Toronto for the past past month now. When I first plotted the trip, I used Yahoo! Maps, but now Google has a sleek Maps tool, so I plotted it today using Google Maps. One can visualize the trip much more clearly this way, in fact, I save about 30 minutes using Google Maps over Yahoo! Maps, both go a round about way. I have yet to plug in the route into my GPS to see which route it chooses.

Anyway, Google Maps, is much more clear, not that I use it. If I decide to drive, I will be using my GPS device to tell me which way to go. And I am hoping that it tells me to go the route I manually drew on paper, the green route. Google wants me to go the purple route, I want to fly the red route, or drive the green route if possible, well, Yahoo, wants me to go a different way totally. Just wasting some time with mapping technologies, no real point to this entry.

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Jim Hedger

03/20/2005 04:59 pm

Drive it! The landscape in rural NY State and Ontario is beautiful. Your green-route takes you through the Ithica area and past Niagara Falls. The second half of the trip in S.Ontario will be through the sprawl of Toronto (Hamilton to TO)but the first half is through amazing farmland and small towns. An alterantive might be to take the fast-ferry from Rochester to downtown Toronto if it has been resurected by that time. Be warned though, parking costs in downtown Toronto can be dangerously expensive.

Barry Schwartz

03/20/2005 05:13 pm

Thanks Jim, sounds very enticing. Also, thanks for the tip on parking, if parking is more expensive then the flight, that would simply be bad. I'll have to call the hotel and get more information on that.


03/20/2005 05:47 pm

Fly and drink! It's a no brainer rusty :)


03/21/2005 08:09 pm

Defintely drive the green line (Rt 17 to Binghamton and then drive North to Syracuse and then West on the NYS Thruway. That is the fastest route. If your drive the green route from Binghamton to Buffalo, be prepared to drive 35 MPH and hit tons of red lights while driving thru some small towns.


03/30/2006 08:59 am

Can someone tell me how long this drive is? We are doing the same route by car, but start at Binghamton and have to drive to Toronto in one day, is that possible? Thank, Marloes from Holland

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