GoogleGuy Asks for "Feedback" On Past Update

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There has been a recent sighting of the famed GoogleGuy on WMW forums. Normally I wouldn't post directly about such a post but this one seems to provide an outlet for those that would like to comment about the search results to engineers. You can comment directly to Google, without going through the extra step of user support. Is your site gone completely? Rankings disappear? Would like to see a good quality site in the serps? Find a spammy site in the results? Just maybe want to vent a little? Many people are very frustrated with the results of the last update, for some though - this is just another update. He does go on to make a very good point, that with every update some site move to the first page and some move out and that is the way it is. According to GoogleGuy they:

"Test everything in depth before [we] deploy it to ensure that the changes improve quality, but I always want to hear feedback on spammy or low-quality sites in our results (or high-quality sites that people feel aren't where they deserve to be). I created a Google Group that you can send feedback to.
He goes on to say:
If you're especially happy or unhappy with something in our search results right now, this is the best way to tell us.
To find the email you can use to email Google and Googleguy see this SEOchat thread.

However I would avoid responses like the following if you expect to get a response (I have elaborated for comic effect):

Dear Googleguy, Why don't you ever let us know what's going on. Clearly there is a sandbox and clearly sites are getting duplicate penalties from 302 redirects caused by PHP tracking scripts. Clearly I have a PR2 site that ranked #1 for a 360,000,000 result keyword but it is blocked from the index because of the 302 redirect problem. Clearly someone besides my 4 year old is playing in the sandbox. Are Larry and Sergey reading this email? When are you going to push the magic red button and fix this. Froogle ain't paying the bills you know. If I don't get a response in 2 hrs I am going to call my lawyer. Signed, Frustrated Website Owner

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j j cummings

07/21/2005 03:06 am

I am starting to feel the same way here with Google as when with Yahoo. Spent the last 45 minutes trying give feedback directly to Google about their groups listings. Was looking through some 54,XXX number of groups that stopped at 200. Emailed them about a week ago asking about inserting some butchered but saved emails from Yahoo. (Yahoo erased major portions of received,sent mails,address book,all drafts,and all saved folders. A result of complaining about excessive unwanted bulk.) Google's response was a terse generated blurb. Tell me honestly am I going to get the same attitude with Google as with Yahoo? If so I'll start looking elswhere right now. I want a straighforward honest answer. Not interested in getting a lot of what makes the grass grow green.


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