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Feb 9, 2005 • 9:13 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under SEM / SEO Companies

I don't mean to get on anyones bad side about a thread at HighRankings named "i'm Kinda Busy, Can You Send Me An Email?", Anybody ever hear this?, where well known SEO providers discuss how they often tell prospects to hang up the phone and send them an email with what they want.

I would never do that personally. Someone is looking for information about how my business can help their business, I'll talk to them about it. However, many in the thread prefer and sometimes require the initial discussion to take place over email. Maybe, I do not understand the SEO business. But in my business, I need to first learn about the client, the challenges they face, and get a feel of what they are willing to do to solve those challenges.

At the end of the call, I normally tell them that I will email them with more detail, on what I think will benefit them. Not the other way around. I put the effort into the initial call. Why? Because often, they do not understand what they need, because they do not know what options are available to them.

Again, this is just me. I have enough business at the time to turn people away. But, it does not mean that I turn my shoulder. Note, I am not saying that the people in the thread treat prospects wrong, I might have read the thread totally wrong. Read it for yourself here.

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02/09/2005 06:24 pm

Barry, I'd have to say that as someone who could not possibly accept another client, I still always make time for those who inquire. I'll even spend 15-20 minutes on the phone sometimes, giving them recommendations about their site and who they could possibly contract. That said, I do understand why people want the conversation to be over email when it concerns a solicitation for business. It does make it much easier to pick out in detail what the customer is after and use their language to respond to them.

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